As part of our Promotions, all our players(existing and new) can themselves avail 4 deposit bonuses on our platform. Our deposit bonus is unique and the first of its kind in the industry, and many players get confused with the matched deposit bonus term. This guide will clarify everything you need to know about our Deposit Bonus and its merits.

How to avail the Deposit Bonus?

Once you deposit any cryptocurrency available on our platform, you get a deposit bonus in BCD. You get deposit bonus in BCD, which will be locked. Please go through the complete article on how to unlock it.

About BCD: A Brand New Exchangeable Game Currency exclusive to our platform. It is equivalent to USD, and you can play all in-house games and slots using this currency.

How many times can you claim the Deposit Bonus?

We run the deposit bonus promotion very frequently; you can claim up to 4 deposit bonuses in the promotional period. You can get more details about the promotion available period on our - promotions page here.

What is the Deposit Bonus Percentage on the Deposited Amount?

Depending on the deposit amount and [first, second, third and fourth] deposit, it will be between 80% to 240%.

Lets say, you make the first Deposit of $30
You receive an 80% first Deposit Bonus i.e. $24
This $24 bonus is added to your BCD account. You can find it under ‘locked’ on your BCD Dashboard under Promotions.

How to UNLOCK BCD Rewards?

As you keep playing different games on our platform, the BCD Bonus will unlock by itself. However, I will give you the full breakdown of how much is unlocked each time you wager a certain amount.

Unlock amount = wager amount 1% (20+5)%

For every 400$ wager - 1$ BCD is unlocked.
Similarly, for every 1000$ you wager - 2.5$ worth BCD is unlocked.

Yes, it requires a 400x turnover on your deposit, but that's not how you need to look at it.

Why BC.GAME - BCD Deposit Bonus is Superior to other Deposit Bonuses (the right approach)?

Unrestricted Withdrawals: We do not lock or hold or restrict your initial deposit. You can withdraw your initial deposit anytime. Your BCD deposit bonus remains intact. You can unlock it anytime in future when you are willing to play.

There are no restrictions on which games to wager. You can pick any slot game or even in-house original games with the lowest house edge to wager and unlock your BCD rewards.

Look at it like Rakeback. The usual Rakeback varies around 5-20%. As you keep wagering, your BCD unlocks along with the Rakeback. It's like an additional 25% Rakeback on top of the original Rakeback.

To give a perspective - if you are a 38+ player, you can boost your Rakeback to 20% and top of that additional 25% from BCD rewards. Combining both results about 45%, which is almost half of the house edge back to the player. If you add the other bonuses, you can understand how much we give back to the players.

BCD Dashboard and Minimum BCD to unlock:

On the left side you can find an icon to open BCD Dashboard, where you can find the locked and unlocked BCD.

On the Dashboard you will see how much BCD is unlocked so far on a sliding scale. Once you accumulate 10 BCD you can unlock the BCD, or you can leave it to accumulate the rest of it and use it anytime in future.

Few more FAQ's about BCD Rewards:

Is there any other way to unlock BCD without wagering?

Absolutely none, the only way is to Wager. Do not waste your time by contacting live support requesting to unlock BCD, it's not possible.

I got "Locked BCD" on Lucky Wheel - What's That?

Yes, you do sometimes get locked BCD on wheel and it is subjected to wager just like the deposit bonus.

Hope we cleared all your doubts regarding BCD Deposit Bonus and also Locked BCD, feel free to get in touch with our live support if you still have more doubts.
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