#How to withdraw coins from BC Game to your crypto wallet?

To withdraw coins 💵

Login to your BC Game account.

Click on the ‘My Wallet’ icon on the top right next to your balance.
You will be able to see all the coins list. Select the coin you wish to withdraw and click on ‘Withdraw’ option.
Copy paste your wallet address (create your external crypto wallet using Metamask, Trust Wallet, Atomic wallet,etc.) in the ‘Withdraw Address’ field.
Enter the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw. (Kindly pay attention to the transaction fee mentioned near the confirm button)
Recheck all the information: type of cryptocurrency, wallet address,minimum amount and withdraw amount.
Enter withdrawal password and confirm. After clicking the ‘Confirm’ button, the cryptocurrency will be transferred to your wallet.

•It can take anywhere between 5minutes to 1hour for the transaction to complete depending on the blockchain confirmations.

•The transaction fee is dynamic and completely depends on the blockchain network. As BC Game supports super fast and instantaneous withdrawals; the network charges a minimal higher fee compared to other sites.

• You can check all your BC Game withdrawal orders by selecting the coin from the menu, click on 'Bill', and then 'Withdraw'. You will find the list of transactions.

• For security purposes, any large or suspicious withdrawal amounts will be audited and manually processed. The manual audit process typically takes between 1-6 hours, and in certain circumstances, could take a little longer.
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