Swapping Coins - Exchange at BC!

At BC Game you can use the in-house exchange powered by Coinswitch to change multiple coins!

Some of the important things to remember are :
✅ • 100 different coin pair options to choose from!
✅ • For every exchange there is a specific minimum exchange amount mentioned at the bottom as ‘Deposit Minimum’
✅ • Each transaction can be done only once on the same order.
✅ • For hassle free service do not send multiple coins on to the same address!
✅ • Withdrawls are auto approved and it can take 5 - 45 min for it to process. The processing time depends on number of factors, mainly including blockchain confirmations and the network workload.

🔻How to start the Exchange Process:

Go to your wallet in top right corner and click on ‘Exchange’ button on the top.
Now choose the coin you would like to exchange.
Select this exchange coin from the available coin pair option.
Check ‘Deposit Minimum’ at the bottom and ensure that your exchange amount is more than the mentioned minimum.
Click on ‘Start Transaction’ now.
It will then generate a deposit address (Some coins will need memo/ tag as well).
Copy this deposit address and paste it in your wallet withdraw bar. (Some coins will need memo/ tag as well)
Wait for some time, the coins will automatically be deposited to your BC account after blockchain verifications.

Q: I have sent the coins but did not receive any coins in my wallet yet?
A: The process of exchange can take anywhere from 10 minutes upto 1 hour depending on the blockchain. Please wait for it to process.

Q: I have sent less than minimum coins needed?
A: You can send the remaining amount to the same address as less than minimum amount will not be credited to the wallet.

Please Note: As it is a third party exchange, If you encounter any problems while using the EXCHANGE function, you have to contact Coinswitch Customer Support from your registered account.
You can reach their support by clicking on ''exchange'' and then ''view order status''. It will provide you the contact information of the Coinswitch Support!
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